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The Rockingham County Fire Marshal’s Office


The Rockingham County Fire Marshal’s Office provides services in five critical areas; Fire Prevention Inspections, Fire Investigations, Public Safety Education, supporting Fire Department Operations and Emergency Management Assistance.  The office is made up of three full time Fire Marshal employees that are dedicated and well trained to handle the roles set forth to each of them from the Director of Emergency Services and the Fire Marshal. 


Fire Prevention Inspections

Fire safety in the community is vital for the health and safety of the citizens.  Fire Prevention Inspections play a key role in ensuring this safety and reducing the potential fire load within the community.  The Fire Marshal’s staff perform these fire prevention inspections within businesses, factories, assemblies, institutions and schools to name just a few.  We also partner with the Department of Social Services and perform fire prevention inspections for foster care homes, day care, group homes and residential care homes to help promote safety in these institutional locations where care and aid is being provide for those working, living or staying there.  Fire prevention inspections are done in our state by interpreting and educating the public about the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code and ensures compliance with the safety measure that are covered in it. 


Fire Investigations

Fires can occur with many factors leading to the actual ignition or start of the fire known as the cause.  Fire investigations are critical for the safety of the community and the firefighters that serve that same community.   Looking for a cause of a fire can uncover a malfunctioning product, a malicious act or an accident that could not have been prevented but no matter what the cause learning what may have started a fire can save lives and property later down the road.  The Fire Marshal’s Office acts as an investigations unit to help support the fire chiefs in the county performing fire investigations when called upon to do so. 


Public Safety Education

Education and outreach to our community is very important to create and keep a fire wise and safe area to live, work and play.   The Fire Marshal’s Office assist with this by maintaining staff proficient in Fire and Life Safety Education and being available for fire extinguisher training classes.  We also partner with our County and Municipal Fire Departments to help them with activities at schools, churches and other community centers or public gatherings.  Many of the fire departments use fire safety houses at school functions or during October’s National Fire Prevention month and often the Fire Marshals assist logistically with these community outreach opportunities.  


Fire Department Operational Support

Each member of the Fire Marshal’s Office has previously served as a firefighter assigned on a fire apparatus somewhere in the state and they each bring that knowledge and skillset here to this office.  Though our role here is not a direct part of suppression, that of the fire departments, each member is prepared and outfitted to assist the command staff of each fire department during firefighting operations.  Many times this is as a safety officer or accountability officer so as to free up members of the responding fire department’s officer staff from these roles so they can lead the firefighter’s attack on the fire since manpower is always at a premium in the fire service.   The Fire Marshal’s Office also has marshals that are trained fire service instructors that can help out with training and educating newer firefighters. The marshals look for opportunities to partner and share the knowledge they have gathered throughout their careers with new firefighters often with visits to the fire departments on their training nights and closely working with the fire chiefs and the Rockingham Community College Fire and Rescue Education Program. 




Emergency Management Assistance

The Rockingham County Emergency Management Division is one of the four separate but equally important divisions under Rockingham County Emergency Services which also houses 911 Communications, The Fire Marshal’s Office and Emergency Medical Services.  The Fire Marshals staff are all trained in varying fields of emergency management used during large scale disasters effecting the community.   During an emergency event the Fire Marshal’s staff would put their efforts toward supporting the Emergency Management Coordinator and the Emergency Services Director’s plan for mitigation of the event.  Many times this is accomplished by staffing numerous positions in the County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in conjunction with field support operations.   Other times the staff of the Fire Marshal’s Office along with the Emergency Management Coordinator can be called to assist other communities or states under a declared state of emergency and are trained for deployments to wherever the need may arise.    


Contact Information

Fire Marshal William Lingle

            Emergency Services Building

            PO Box 86

            Wentworth, NC 27375

            336-634-3014    Office line 


Assistant Fire Marshal Melissa Joyce

            Emergency Services Building

            PO Box 86

            Wentworth, NC 27375

            336-634-3003     Office line 


Assistant Fire Marshal Jeremy Shelton

            Emergency Services Building

            PO Box 86

            Wentworth, NC 27375

            336-634-3007     Office line 

Fire Marshals Office's Hours:     Monday through Friday 8 am to 10 am and 1 pm to 3 pm
(these hours subject to emergencies which may require response)  



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