History of the Office
 Registers are elected every four (4) years. 
For a list of Registers of Deeds who have served this county from 1786-Present, click here.
The Honorable Benjamin J. Curtis is the 30th Registrar to serve as Rockingham County Register of Deeds. He was sworn in on December 5, 2016.

  Recent History (1998-Present)

June 2017: 

Received accreditation as a Passport Acceptance Facility. The Register of Deeds office can provide application forms, take photographs for passports, and accept first-time passport applications for the U.S. State Department. As a result, citizens have a convenient central location in the county to easily submit their passport applications.
May 2017:

Set up and mobilized the first off-site "Thank You for Your Service" Veteran's Discount Card station at Fair Funeral Home's Memorial Day Celebration. 
 March 2017: Began providing notarial services to the general public in an effort to provide a convenient notary to the citizens of Rockingham County who may be conducting additional business at the Rockingham County Judicial Center and Governmental Center Complex.


Hosted the first annual “Thank You for Your Service” Day for veterans in Rockingham County. The Office partners with other Rockingham County governmental agencies to provide valuable resources and opportunities for veterans during this event.



Implemented Property Fraud Detection Alerts that notifies individuals who sign up for this free service when transactions involving them are recorded in the Rockingham County Register of Deeds office.



Implemented e-Recording to allow documents to be electronically recorded. This enables documents to be received, reviewed, recorded and returned from the county back to the submitter.



Implemented Get Certificate Now to offer the public a convenient way to request certified and uncertified copies of Rockingham County’s birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates. 


Automated the Notary Public oath process in order to administer oaths and record notary information through a secure site connected with the Secretary of State.




Partnered with Courthouse Computer Systems, a North Carolina-based company, to provide an advanced document management system for the office. This saved taxpayers more than $25,000 and has provided ongoing monetary savings through additional services.




The Register of Deeds office moved to the new Justice Center and opened to the public on May 16, 2011.



VRAS (Vital Records Automated System) enabled. Customers born in any North Carolina county (1971-Present) are able to obtain their birth certificate at our office.




Web-based marriage application program made available so couples could begin the application process at their convenience. All marriage applications are now submitted electronically.



Implemented an “index from image” process, the manual handling of paper documents was eliminated and allowed the document to flow electronically through staff processes. This drastically reduced indexing errors and made quality control easier to maintain.




Our digital electronic vault, known as “eVault”, was made publicly available where land records from 1785 to the present have been digitized and are available online.




Reduced internal paper flow by moving images and information electronically, rather than manually, and enabled instant on-line viewing of recorded documents. Previously to this, the document was recorded, indexed, and microfilmed. It would take weeks before the public was able to insert a microfilm cartridge into a reader/printer in order to view and print the recorded document.

Implemented a digital "stamp" to automatically affix the recording information on each recorded document.




Implemented a cash receipting system that tied the collection of fees to the recording process, automated the calculation of fees and payments, and provided detailed financial reports to report the revenue.



Website launched for customers to search real estate documents dating back to 1984 and indexes from 1996.




In March of 1998, a tornado struck the county. After taking an inventory of the records, it was found that almost thirty years of important records were neither backed up nor stored off site. At that point, the office used typewriters, carbon paper, and handwritten bookkeeping documents to keep track of administrative and preservation responsibilities. The office had its own “film processing” shop where each recorded document was photographed twice and then underwent a chemical processing procedure to produce microfilm. Digitalizing all the records in the office at this time was a massive undertaking because the records were available in various formats (handwritten, typed, microfilm, etc.) and some of these formats were subject to the natural decay of chemicals. The Registrar then worked diligently with a records company to write specific code for the Register of Deeds office, and efforts later resulted in a computerized database of digitized records. 

This digitization initiative took more than 10 years to complete, but it set the foundation for the creation of today's e-Vault that contains scanned, historical county records back to the County’s origins in 1785. By placing these records on the internet, customers are no longer restricted to using the office during certain times. This movement towards preservation in the event of a disaster evolved into an intuitive development towards increasing access to the records and a disaster recovery program was in place for all digital information that was converted into the Office’s computerized database.

 In addition to land records, eventually all vital records were digitized as well. Multiple backup features and off-site storage to protect documents in case of natural or man-made disaster were implemented. Daily work is downloaded over the Internet to an off-site location as part of disaster planning initiatives.


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