Program Integrity
The Program Integrity Unit of Social Services investigates the suspected misuse and abuse of public assistance programs such as:
  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Work First
  • Low Income Energy Assistance and Crisis Intervention (Fuel Assistance)
Note: To report Social Security/Disability fraud, please contact Social Security Administration at 1-866-748-2091

To Report Suspected Public Assistance Fraud,
Please Contact the Rockingham County Division of Social Services:



Local : 336-394-0065 

Toll FREE : 1-855-348-0065


You may also make a report with:

  • Rockingham County Crime Stoppers                  336-349-9683

Please include the following information when reporting fraud:

  1. Reporter's Name (optional)
  2. Reporter's Phone Number (optional)
  3. Program Involved such as: Food Stamps and/or Medicaid.
  4. Client's first and last name
  5. Client's address
  6. Client's phone number
  7. Client's social security number if known
  8. Client's date of birth or age
  9. How is the client committing fraud?
For example:
  • Not reporting income
  • Receiving benefits in another county or state
  • Not correctly reporting who is living in their household
  • Buying food for someone else in exchange for money
  • Taking money from someone and giving them the card to buy food
Confidentiality Disclosure
Federal and State statutes dictate that we are to protect client confidentiality. Therefore, we are not allowed to disclose whether or not a person is receiving Public Assistance through DSS. We also cannot release information regarding an on-going investigation.This also insures that the identity of the Reporter will remain anonymous.

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