When Deed of Trusts/Mortgages are recognized as fully satisfied/paid off, the secured creditor holds the responsibility of filing a Satisfaction in our real property records. Satisfactions of Deeds of Trusts and Mortgages are filed in our real estate records.


To view an example of a Satisfaction of Security Instrument form, click here. To view the actual statutory form, it can be found in G.S. 45-36.11.These examples may or may not be appropriate to your particular situation. 


A Trustee or Substitute Trustee can record a Trustee’s satisfaction of deed of trust (G.S. 45-36.20). An example of the Trustee or Substitute Trustee statutory form can be found at G.S. 45-36.21.


Note: For legal advice and guidance in preparing and completing your legal documents,

always consult an attorney.




Effective October 1, 2011, satisfaction cannot be recorded via presentation (G.S. 45-36 Article 4). There is NO need to present the original security instruments to the Register of Deeds. Registers do not have responsibility for actions in connection with a notice of loss or theft of a bearer or holder negotiable instrument. The parties are responsible for taking whatever action they deem appropriate in connection with such a circumstance, including the recording of any appropriate instruments.



There is no fee to record satisfactions.


However, effective October 1, 2011, there is a new subsequent instrument fee of $25 for each additional reference to more than one original instrument for which recording data is required to be indexed in a document (see G.S. 161-14.1(a)(3). To avoid this fee, only reference one original instrument per satisfaction document.



Refer to the N.C. General Statutes for other possible methods of satisfaction such as a Notice of Satisfaction by secured creditors or trustees; Certificate of Satisfaction by owners of notes and secured creditors.




When a security instrument (Deed of Trust, Mortgage) is paid off, no new deed is automatically created or filed. A copy of your satisfaction may or may not be mailed from your lender, though you can get a copy of it from the e-vault or by visiting the office.


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