Fee Schedule


Pursuant to G.S. 161-10

When requesting services by mail, provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return, checks and money orders made payable to "Register of Deeds"
Provide accurate fee payments; overpayments are handled according to County policy

Payment in-house may be made in the form of cash or check, for debit or credit card payments a small convenience fee is added (.0295¢ per transaction)


Instruments in General

First 15 pages   $26.00
Each additional page  $4.00


For instruments in general that are more than 15 pages, click here for a quick per page fee guide.


Deeds of Trust and Mortgages

 First 35 pages  $64.00
 Each additional page  $4.00


For Deeds of Trust and Mortgages that are more than 35 pages, click here for a quick D/T per page fee guide.


Additional Subsequent Instrument

(G.S. 161-10(a)(1) For any instrument that assigns more than 1 security instrument by reference to a previously recorded instrument
 $10.00, in addition to all other applicable fees


Nonstandard Document


Any document not in compliance with recording standards adopted under G.S. 161-14(b)
$25.00 in addition to all other applicable fees


Multiple Instrument In One Document

G.S. 161-10(1)(a) A recording submission contains 2 or more instruments with different legal consequences or intent, each of which is separately executed and acknowledged  
$10.00 per additional instrument


Note: Register is not required to index any multiple instrument whose title does not appear on the first page of the document.


Instruments Containing Excessive Recording Data


 Excessive Recording Data  $2.00 (for each party in excess of 20 parties)



No Fee


State Excise Tax On Real Estate Conveyances

$2.00 per $1,000 exchanged ($1.00 up to $500.00)


Uniform Commercial Code


 1-2 pages $38.00
 3-10 pages $45.00
 Over 10 pages $45.00 + $2.00 per additional page over 10
Effective 7-1-2001: Original financing statements and amendments whose collateral includes goods that are or are to become fixtures, timber to be cut or as-extracted collateral should be filed in the local office. Local filing fees for initial financing statements, correction statements, and all amendments, including terminations, are listed above.



 Each original or revised plat recorded $21.00 per sheet/page 
 Certified copy $5.00 per sheet/page 
 Uncertified copy $0.25 per page
 Uncertified copy (18'' x 24'' or larger)  $3.00 per page
Please read HB 454 (SL 2017-27) for revision to GS 47-30 regarding Plat Recording Changes.

Right-Of-Way Plans

 Each original or amended plan and profile sheet $21.00 for the 1st page 
 Each additional page  $5.00
 Certified copy  $5.00 per sheet/page


Copies of Land Records

 Certified copy of land records (unless statute otherwise provides)  $5.00 for the 1st page
 Each additional page  $2.00
 Uncertified copy of land records  $0.25 per page
 Uncertified plat copies  $0.25 per page
 Uncertified plat copies (18'' x 24'' or larger)  $3.00 per page



Copies of Marriage Licenses,  Birth Records, and Death Records:


 Certified Copy  $10.00 per copy
 Uncertified Copy  $0.25 per copy



 Notary Public  
 Issuing a Notary Oath/Commission
 Notarial Acts (Acknowledgements, Oaths/Affirmations)  $5.00 per signature
 Passport Execution $35.00
 Passport Photos $10.00


*The Rockingham County Finance Department retains overpayments of fees received in the mail of ten ($10) dollars or less in the Rockingham County general fund and provides refunds for overpayments of greater than ten (10) dollars. (Adopted by Resolution dated 11-5-2001.)

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