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Rockingham County Soil and Water Conservation District is a governmental subdivision of the State of North Carolina organized to exercise public powers conferred under provisions of the Soil and Water Conservation Law of North Carolina.  Our responsibility within Rockingham County is to conserve the soil, water, and related natural resources.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service works hand-in-hand with the District to provide personnel and technical assistance to farmers, individuals, groups, organizations, or units of government in Rockingham County.

Examples of technical assistance include soil survey interpretations and conservation plans.  Planning aid is given in agricultural land use, grassland management, wildlife, recreation, woodland, and other uses of land.  Experts in agronomy, biology, forestry, soils, and engineering are available through this agency.  A major mission of this office is to reduce erosion of soil and improve water quality. 

Mission Statement

The Rockingham Soil and Water Conservation District exists to serve the public and to ensure a healthy and productive environment.  To this end, its task is to safeguard land, water, and related resources for the benefit of future generations.

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