General Specifications



The purpose of this Manual of Specifications for Water and Sewer is to insure that the people in Rockingham County will be provided with suitable water and sewer services. To insure that potential developers have easy access to the requirements for water and sewer installations this manual has been compiled to collect, unify and set specific criteria and design for installation of services.  It is intended to set sound and uniform standards to allow further orderly expansion of services and to minimize main-maintenance and operational costs for the future benefit of the County.  



The Environmental and Engineering Department of Rockingham County with the support of the Department of Planning and Code Enforcement will enforce the specific requirements of this manual.  


1.  The County shall review and approve all plans prior to submittal to any other reviewing agency (State, Federal or Utility).

2.  All approvals by all regulating authorities shall be obtained before any construction is started.  Copies of these approvals,   including all permits, maps, and plans, shall be received by the  County before construction begins.

3. Approvals must be obtained from (but not limited to):
Water Main Construction

Public Water Supply Section
North Carolina Department of
Environment, Health and Natural Resources.


Sewer Construction

Division of Environmental
North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources.                 


Sediment and Erosion Control

North Carolina Department of
Environment, Health and Natural Resources, Land Quality Section



Driveway and Street Access & Encroachments North Carolina Department of Transportation
Encroachments and Crossings Railroads and Utilities
Easements, Rights of Way Private property owners
Building permits, plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits, easements and encroachments Rockingham County


Approval by the County shall be obtained by the following procedures:

1.          Drawings shall be made on 24"x36" sheets.  If available, digital data shall be furnished.

2.    Submit three (3) sets of plans and one (1) reproducible set of plans with                     a letter requesting approval of the plans.

3.          The County will review the plans for conformance with the County‚Äôs ordinances and standards.  The County will make appropriate comments and return the plans.  The County will return an approved set of plans with a letter of review when no comments are warranted.

4.    Obtain all other approvals, easement and rights-of-way, and submit copies to the County.

5.    The County will allow construction to begin when all fees have been paid and all permits have been obtained and approved copies have been accepted by the County.


    1.    Construction

a.  Construction shall be inspected by a Engineer registered in North Carolina, or his authorized representative. Required testing  shall be made by a testing agency selected by the Engineer.  Testing may include but not be limited to compaction, asphalt pavement and installation, concrete strength, air entrainment, and affidavits for strengths and specifications requirements of manufactured products.  

                    Inspections shall be provided for all installations.

 b.   The right is reserved for the County to enter upon any portion of the contract or works at anytime, or to grant permits to other parties to do so, for the purpose of carrying out any work which in the opinion of the County is necessary or advisable.  The owner/developer shall not obstruct nor place any obstacles or impediments in the way of any person who maybe duly authorized by the said County to perform any such work.  The rights is also reserved by the County at any time to enter upon said work or any part thereof by any officer, employee or contractor for the purpose of doing any other work that may be necessary or desirable to be done by the County in connection with the work.

     2.    Guarantee of Work

 a.    The work shall be guaranteed and maintained by the owner- developer for a period of one year.  The guarantee shall cover materials, maintenance, and workmanship.  Any defective work or materials shall be repaired or replaced, at no expense to the County.  Any other incidental maintenance shall be performed at no expense to the County.


As-built drawings from field surveys shall be prepared by the owner/developer during construction.  As-built drawings furnished to the County shall be referenced to fixed points so as to be easily located in the event that the markers are destroyed.  All easements shall be shown on the as-built drawings with deed book and page number.  Data shall be submitted in digital format with two(2) hard copies and a reproducible set.


The County shall accept new facilities upon completion of the following:

    1. Letter from Engineer stating that all construction is complete and all tests satisfactory.  Letter shall be sealed.

    2.  Plans, originals and digital data with all as-built revisions are received.

    3.  All permanent easements, rights-of-way and permits in the County's name and  copies filed in the proper offices.

    4.  All sediment and erosion control structures are removed and site     is clear of debris and equipment.

    5.  Any releases required by the County are reviewed.

    6.  Guarantee is provided.


All water used for flushing lines or other construction activities shall be purchased from the County at prevailing rates:   The use of water (time and quantity) shall be coordinated with the County  Engineer.  This coordination shall be accomplished by submittal of a proposed schedule of water use for approval by the County Engineer.  The proposed schedule should be submitted ten (10) working days prior to any water use.


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