Say A Special Thanks to Our Telecommunicators!
Posted on Monday April 15, 2019
This is National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week! Please say thanks to one of our Telecommunicators for the jobs they do!
APRIL 14-20, 2019
This is week is National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week.  If you are in close proximity to the 9-1-1 Center
this week, please take a moment to stop by and thank the Telecommunicators for the jobs they do.  

Telecommunicators are tasked with obtaining information from often frantic callers and processing that
information into a mental picture of what responders are heading into.    This is perhaps one of the hardest jobs
that anyone could be asked to do.  Combined with making some normality from the frantic caller interrogation,
time restraints are placed upon Telecommunicators to process this mental picture as quickly as possible to
allow responders the best opportunity to safe a life, protect property or affect an arrest.  

Just as on-scene operations are not always perfect, there are times that things do not flow as smoothly as we
would like, but I can assure you that the 9-1-1 staff is a very dedicated group that strives each and every day to
deliver the best information to all responders as is possible.  

There is a board in the hallway of the 9-1-1 Center that reads:  

Between the Thin Red Line and the Thin Blue Line
                  Lies the Thinnest Gold Line, 
The Gold Line represents those who Rarely are Seen
                           but Mostly Heard.
                  The Calm Voice in the Dark Night.
            The Golden Glue that Holds it all Together.

Rodney M Cates
Emergency Services Director
Rockingham County 

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