Posted on Wednesday February 06, 2019
PHOTO l to r: Dr. Mark Kinlaw, President Rockingham Community College; Dr. Kenneth Scott, CTE Director, Rockingham County Schools; Dr. Rodney Shotwell, Superintendent, Rockingham County Schools; Colonel Mark Richardson, County Commissioner, Rockingham County; Ms. Paula Rakestraw, Board of Education, Rockingham County Schools; Reece Pyrtle, Jr., Chairman, County Commissioner, Rockingham County; Seated - Mr. Lance Metzler, County Manager, Rockingham County.

February 4, 2019            Lydia Craddock,            336.949.0775

  1. CTE month proclamation attached
  2. Individuals involved in signature/proclamation
    1. Dr. Mark Kinlaw, RCC president – Welcome public
    2. Dr. Rodney Shotwell, Rockingham County Schools Superintendent – Welcome students
    3. Colonel Mark Richardson, County Commissioner – Thank you to industries/community
    4. Mr. Lance Metzler, County Manager – Comments and sign proclamation
    5. Dr. Kenneth Scott, CTE Director, Rockingham County Schools – Officially start the invitational

      This event kicks off the annual RockATOP Invitational event.  Twenty seven students have been invited to attend this four evening event.  Currently seventeen apprentices who completed the event last year are working with local companies.  The Invitational allows students and company representatives to work together to learn about each other to determine the best placements for apprentices. Students come from both private and public schools in Rockingham County.

      An apprenticeship allows the student to work for a company, receiving hands on training and supervision while they are also attending the community college working on an Associate’s Degree.  At the end of their successful apprenticeship program, the company has a well trained highly skilled laborer and  the student has a completed, debt free Associate’s degree.    At that point many apprentices continue to work with their company while continuing with additional college training.

      Company participation in the program has grown from five companies last year to ten this year.  Current participants are Abco Automation, Amcor, Bridgestone, Frontier Spinning Mills, Keystone Foods, Machine Specialties Inc, Pine Hall Brick, Ruger Firearms, Smith-Carolina and Wieland Copper Products. 

      Students who complete the Invitational may be offered pre-apprenticeship positions this summer as the prequel to full apprenticeship positions in the fall.  They will complete six weeks of work with their assigned company and will complete two college courses during the summer. 

      More information regarding RockATOP can be requested from

  3. Key informants
    1. Nancy Tulloch-Moore, RockATOP Chair, Human Resources Director, Pine Hall Brick 336-548-6007
    2. Jennifer Lester, CTE Director, Rockingham Community College, Apprenticeship Coordinator 336.342.4261
    3. Lydia Craddock, Career Counselor with Apprenticeship Program at Rockingham County Schools 336.949.0775




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