Kenneth "Nub" Roberts of Reidsville Is "BOSS OF THE MONTH!"
Posted on Friday February 01, 2019
Rockingham County Manager Lance Metzler honors Kenneth "Nub" Roberts of Reidsville as "BOSS OF THE MONTH!"

Metzler Honors Local Resident as

"Boss of the Month

Kenneth "Nub" Roberts of Reidsville 

Wentworth, NC (Feb. 1, 2019) – Local residents are top priorities for Rockingham County Government, so County Manager Lance Metzler thanks and honors them with a "Boss of the Monthrecognition.  Metzler announced today he is honoring Kenneth "Nub" Roberts of Reidsville as "Boss of the Month.”  

Roberts was born and has lived in Rockingham County for 82 years so he says, "I'm real local!"  His dad gave him the nickname "Nub" when he was a baby.  He worked for Martin-Marietta on NC 87 for 43 years, serving as the Reidsville plant manager for 28 years.  

Since retirement, he says, "I help my wife "when push comes to shove."  He has worked in Guilford, Chatham and Alamance Counties, but quickly explains he prefers Rockingham County, "it's better here ... Rockingham County is the garden spot of the world!"

He thinks new people moving to North Carolina should choose Rockingham County because it's a great place to live; businesses are open; and unemployment is down.

When asked if he had found the fountain of youth or if he was on a special diet, Roberts says, "I won't be on a diet ... I eat what ever I can get!"

County Manager Metzler said he thought honoring a resident visiting the County Governmental Center is a wonderful way to show the County's appreciation and to reinforce to County employees that their responsibility is to SERVE citizens.  Residents honored are displayed in the Governmental Center, via social media, local news outlets, and the County's homepage at

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