Curbside Voting in Rockingham County
Posted on Friday October 19, 2018
See curbside voting details!

Curbside Voting is an option offered to Voters who can travel to their Voting Location but due to age or physical disability, cannot physically enter the Voting Enclosure.

Curbside Voters are permitted to remain in their vehicle while voting their Ballot.

A Curbside Voter has the same rights to assistance as any other Voter.

Curbside Voting is available at all Voting Locations, both at One Stop (Early) Voting Sites and at Election Day Voting Sites.

Curbside votes are counted in the same manner as regular votes.

To Vote Curbside…

When you arrive at the Voting Location, park in one of the designated Curbside Voting Parking Spaces.

An Elections Official will approach the vehicle to obtain your information. 

The Elections Official will return to the Voting Enclosure to obtain your Voter Form, Ballot, and other Curbside Voting Materials.

The Elections Official will return with your Voter Form and Ballot.

Once you have taken the Curbside Voter Oath and signed your Voter Form, the Elections Official will give you your Ballot and a Secrecy Sleeve for you to place your voted Ballot into. The Elections Official will step away from the vehicle so that you may vote your Ballot privately. 

Once you have voted your Ballot and placed it into the Secrecy Sleeve, the Elections Official will take your Ballot immediately into the Voting Enclosure and have it placed into the DS200 Voting Tabulator to be counted. 

Once your Ballot has been placed into the DS200 Voting Tabulator to be counted, the Elections Official will return to your vehicle to let you know that your Ballot has been properly cast.


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