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Posted on Monday September 10, 2018
Did you know that the Board of Elections Office receives a tremendous amounty of help from other County Depts in order to administer an election?

Did you know that the Board of Elections Office receives a tremendous amount of help from other County Departments in order to administer an Election?



The Board of Commissioners and County Management ensure that we are provided everything we need in order to carry out a successful Election.


The County Legal Department provides us with legal guidance.


The Sheriff’s Department assists us with traffic/crowd control at many of our Voting Locations and provides crowd control/security for our office on Election Day.


Emergency Management stands ready to assist at our Voting Locations in the event of an emergency.


Finance and Human Resources have much additional work during an Election due to the 200+ Election Officials that we employ.


The County Libraries distribute our Elections literature to help keep Voters informed and some of the County Libraries serve as Voting Locations for One Stop (Early) Voting and Election Day.  


The Public Information Officer assists us in informing Voters of upcoming Election Dates, changes to Election Laws and procedures, and information pertaining to Voting and Elections in general.


The Animal Shelter and Help, Inc. work with us to help control crowded and congested parking areas during One Stop (Early) Voting.


The Governmental Center Switchboard stays very busy with additional phone calls and directing Voters to our office.


Purchasing deals with a lot of additional paperwork and Purchase Orders from our department during an Election.


GIS works with us to ensure that our maps and Geocode data are accurate.


Tax helps us verify addresses.


Planning & Zoning and Code Enforcement stay busy dealing with the many calls pertaining to candidate signs.


Health & Human Services and DSS register a lot more Voters leading up to an Election.


The County IT and County Maintenance Departments are a crucial part of preparing for and administering an Election.  They assist us with equipment setup and testing, ballot testing, equipment maintenance, Mock Elections, One Stop (Early) Voting supply delivery, setup, support, and pickup, Election Day Precinct supply delivery, support, and pickup, Election Night results reporting and supply returns, and multiple post Election tasks.


Many other County Departments assist us with Voter Education and are always ready to lend supplies or assistance if needed.


The efforts all Rockingham County Government Departments give to help us properly serve our Voters is a perfect example of teamwork at its best!

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