Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement Officers enforce the Rockingham County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and the Solid Waste Ordinance (SWO).  This department also oversees the operation of the Mobile Recycling Units. 

Common Violations Include:
  • junk motor vehicles
  • excessive outdoor storage
  • illegal dumping
  • illegal burning
  • illegal businesses

Violations may be reported by any person by phone, email ( or, or by clicking the "file a complaint" link on this page.  Upon inspection by the Code Enforcement Officer, the violator is notified of the violation, instructed on possible solutions and given a time frame in which to have the violation corrected.  Most complaints are resolved through voluntary compliance of the property owner.  Officers can also cite violators through Notices of Violations or citations.  Citations can result in legal action with court appearances and fines up to $200 per day.

      Code Enforcement Officers:
      Ben Curry
      Kelly Hacker

      Contact Number:
      (336) 342-8300


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